Southern Telecom's Brands

At Southern Telecom we take production of quality consumer electronics and wellness items seriously. We invite you to explore our family’s in-house brands.

Urban Luxury

Audio Republic was founded on the values of combining form, function and luxury style. We believe in simplicity that does not sacrifice utility. Striving to engineer high-quality audio equipment, our goal is to deliver rich sonic fulfillment for listeners who are passionate about music and culture. Our products incorporate premium materials and cutting-edge technology that provide long-lasting performance and astonishing sound. The result is a timeless design that anyone can make their own.

The Fusion of Sound and Creativity

ART + SOUND aspires to greatness. It wants to beautify our spaces and stimulate our minds. We create incredible-sounding speakers that double as works of art. Our one-of-a-kind products start conversations with creative designs, and awe with their stunning stereo sound. From wall adornments to table pieces, we design for both the atmosphere and the embellishment of your space. Let your interiors come to life with the fusion of ART+SOUND.

The Mogu Lifestyle

Mogu is a holistic health and wellness brand that seamlessly blends aesthetics with tranquility. Created to foster peace of mind, MOGU products are as luxurious as they are practical. Our innovations bolster well-being through conscientious, naturally-inspired design with an emphasis on elevating your space.

The Mahli Lifestyle

Mahli wants you to live your most comfortable life. Mahli products promote a modern outlook on comfort and relaxation. We create beautiful aromatherapy diffusers that circulate soothing aromas throughout your space, as well as supplemental relaxation products like our ambient sound speaker. Sit back and relax — Mahli takes care of the rest.

Creative Technology

With a rich history of pioneering groundbreaking innovations in technology, Packard Bell continues to push boundaries with our elegant high-quality computing and gaming products. Continuing our tradition of breaking barriers between people and technology, we’re working to transform luxury designs and entertainment into user-friendly products that can be easily integrated into today’s modern home.

Power Up

100 Percent understands that your life is all digital. We’re here to give you the tools you need to stay powered up and connected. Our goal is to bring you both cutting-edge and classic high-quality tech accessories. From charging cords and portable battery packs to wireless chargers and charging towers, our simple but tough essentials come in a wide variety of options to fit your needs.

The Smarter Choice

Brookstone is a world leading innovations brand that strives to create and develop user-friendly technology that anyone can experience. From sleep and wellness products to fitness to audio and technology, we focus on bringing new and exciting products to every home.

Approachable Innovation

Sharper Image has been known for the latest in high-quality home electronics goods and lifestyle products. We continue this same tradition of fun, innovation and excitement today. From cutting-edge tech products like Wi-Fi cameras and Bluetooth® speakers to home products like massage pillows—we’re creating tech gadgets everyone can use.

Innovation Meets Emotion

Polaroid embodies and provides tremendous familiarity with quality products ranging from instant and digital still cameras, high-definition and mountable sports action video cameras, and audio equipment. We are dedicated to continually offering products that ensure quality and maximize function, making for a continuum of Polaroid brand values. We deliver on the promise of simplicity and gratification for all.