Firmware Updates

Current Firmware Updates

WARNING! - It is very important to find your exact model number located on the back of the tablet before performing a firmware upgrade.
Performing an upgrade to the wrong tablet will result in the tablet being "BRICKED", rendering it usless as well as voiding your warranty. To find your exact model number look on the back of the tablet just underneath the Uniden logo as shown below:

Current Firmware Versions:

UTAB71 Firmware Download:
inbox UTAB71_Android 4.0v1_OTA_download link (copy to your computer)

(294 MB) MD5 Checksum: "3A60660DCB9517AFC1960263AF945422"

Note: if you are on your tablet and download any of the above links, the file will download automatically to your tablet, but you must copy this file to your computer before performing the firmware update, and then perform the update ON YOUR COMPUTER.