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I can't get the Tablet to connect to Wi-Fi?

I connected the Tablet to a Wi-Fi network but I can't access the internet?

  • The network you connect the Tablet to must have internet access.

I have set a screen lock Password / PIN / Pattern and now forget my settings. I cannot get passed the screen lock screen.

  • You will have to perform a firmware update to the tablet. Be sure to back up any information and data to your computer’s hard drive as the tablet will be reset to a factory default setting and all of your data will be erased.  To perform this firmware update from your computer log onto "" and select “Updates”. From here you can get the firmware update as well as the Firmware Update Guide.  Be sure to select the correct model number (located on the back of the tablet).

Can I charge my Android tablet with the USB port?

  • No. you cannot charge the Polaroid Tablet by USB. You can only charge Polaroid Tablets with the included AC adapter. Plug the pin of the included AC adapter into the DC-in jack located at the top of the tablet. Plug the other end into a wall jack. If you misplace or would like to order the Polaroid Tablet AC adapter, contact 1-877-768-8481.

Even though my tablet is Wifi only, Can I view my email offline with my Android device?

  • Yes. You will need to sync your data to the device periodically by connecting to the internet, where your device will retrieve your data from the Google cloud. Any information that has been synced will remain on the device (until deleted) even when not connected to Wifi.

Where can I download apps from?

  • The Tablet does not come pre-loaded with an app store, however for your convenience a link to download the Amazon appstore can be found on the Bookmarks widget on the Home screen (Please refer to "Downloading apps" in the User Guide).

Why is there no Google Android Market installed on my Polaroid Tablet?

  • We find that the Google Android market caters mainly to smartphones. Polaroid Tablet users can download apps by downloading the Amazon App Store application or by loading .apk files directly onto the device using the preloaded "ApkInstaller" which is located in your tablet's app menu. For more information on .apk files, see below.

What is an .apk file?

  • .apk is a file format used to distribute and install Applicationss onto the Google Android operating system. They can be found and downloaded from various websites on the internet.

How I load APK's to my tablet?

  • (1) Find and download an .apk file to your computer. (2) Connect your Polaroid tablet via USB to your computer and copy the .apk file into your tablet memory or SD card memory (drag and drop or copy and paste). (3) Safely eject your Polaroid tablet and disconnect it from the computer. (4) In the Tablet apps menu, select the app called, "ApkInstaller". (5) Once opened, select "Install". You will be prompted for "Internal Memory" or "SD Card". Select wherever you saved the .apk file to. (6) Locate the .apk file you've just transferred to the tablet and select it. (7) You will see a prompt to install the app. Click "install" to begin downloading. (8) Once the download completes, return to your app menu and search for the app that you downloaded.

I downloaded and installed an app and it does not work properly?

  • Some apps are designed to be used with mobile phones and may not work properly on the Tablet (avoid apps that require camera or GPS as they will not be supported by the Tablet).

Some games do not work properly?

  • Although the Tablet supports most 3D games, it is possible that some games may not function perfectly on the Tablet (when possible we recommend downloading the lite or free version of an app or game before purchasing the paid version).

How can I get music on the Tablet?

  • You can connect the Tablet to your computer and transfer files directly to the tablet, or download the Amazon MP3 app from the Amazon appstore.

How can I watch videos or store my pictures on the Tablet?

  • You can connect the Tablet to your computer and transfer media files directly to the tablet (we recommend inserting a micro SD card to conserve the Tablet's internal memory), or watch videos using the YouTube app (internet connection is required).

I downloaded something from the internet and can't find it on the Tablet?

  • Check the "Downloads" app on the Apps screen or press menu on the Home screen and select "Notifications".

Why does the screen rotate on my device?

  • Many Android devices have built in G-sensors (called accelerometers) that detect the orientation of the device and rotate the screens.

The response of the display is not as quick as usual?

  • Try closing some apps using the "App Manager" app on the apps screen OR it is possible the battery is close to exhaustion and is affecting the performance of the Tablet- try fully charging the Tablet.

My videos do not play on the tablet.

I try and select an item on the touch display and another option is selected?

  • In settings select "Touch panel calibration".

Can I upgrade the RAM in my tablet?

  • Typical tablets are embedded platforms, and do not have replaceable RAM modules. They are closer to smart phones than laptops or notebook computers. Polaroid Tablets are manufactured with micro SD card slots for adding additional memory. You may use micro SD cards up to 32GB.

How do I access my Yahoo! Mail account on my tablet?

  • Some email accounts such as Yahoo! Mail cannot be configured on many tablets or smartphones through the traditional email setup process. You can still access your Yahoo! Mail account by downloading Yahoo! Mail's application from the Amazon market. (1) Open the, "Appstore" application on your tablet. (2) Type "yahoomail" into the search field and press, "Search" (3) Follow the instructions to download the Yahoo! Mail app. (4) When installed, open the application and sign in using your Yahoo! Mail credentials. (5) You can now access your Yahoo! Mail on the Polaroid Tablet.

Is there firmware support for my tablet?

  • Yes there is a firmware update available. However, this is only for users who have locked the tablet and cannot unlock it. There is no other reason to perform an upgrade as of yet. As neccessary updates become available registered users will be notifiied. You can register your tablet here.