About Us

Southern Telecom (ST) is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and accessories. Over 30 years of growth and expansion, ST has acquired and licensed dozens of top brands, including globally recognized properties like Polaroid, Sharper Image, Westinghouse, Limited Too, Packard Bell, and SmarTab.


Our product line includes speakers, tablets, laptops, massagers, smartphones, headphones and much more. Southern Telecom’s products can be found around the world and in virtually every retailer in the United States. ST has also spearheaded hardware projects for Fortune 500 companies, managing the manufacturing process from concept to product. We may have even had a hand in designing the product you are using right now!


Privately owned and managed, ST is focused on bringing innovation to the products that people use every day as well as identifying upcoming trends in the consumer electronics space. As the technological landscape continues to change, Southern Telecom will continue to lead and shape these changes.